Vessel Registry

Panama Maritime Lawyers is one of the most active firms in Panamanian flag vessel registry worldwide.

Our goal is to provide clients with the most beneficial options in open flag registries for their circumstances.

Although, we primarily offer flag vessel registry with Panama and Belize flags, we also offer a wide catalog of open registries.

Panama Flag Registry provides the following benefits:

    • A. Yacht Registration

All types of commercial and pleasure yachts can be registered in Panama.
Registry for Panamanian Nationals and Companies $1000.00
Registry for International owners $1500.00.

    • B. No Minimum or Maximum Tonnage Requirements
    • C. All Types of service vessels can be registered

Cargo vessels, MODU, Barges, Investigation, Supply, Tankers, etc.

    • D. All Nationalities

Vessel can be built in any country, and crew members can be of any given nationality.
Registered owner can be a person or company of any country.

    • E. Vessels Under Construction Can Obtain Provisional Registration
    • F. Special Registry and Discount Incentives
    • G. Charter In/Out

Dual Registration is permitted, given the consent from first flag registry and vice versa.

    • H. Service Provider

All major class societies and Radio Accounting Authorities are dully authorized by the AMP.

    • I. Special Registration and Incentives

Special three month registration for scrap or delivery voyage
Special registration for laid up
Discount for MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit)
Fleet Discount/ Economic Group
Discount for Vessels of New Construction
Discount for Vessels registered within 5 years after queel laying date.

Available Flags

Panama Maritime Lawyers also offers Vessel Registry options for over 10 other flags.  Please contact us for more information.

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